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Welcome to https://studio.dwij.org, my new Internet portal. It is a work in progress and I invite you to share in the journey. The impetus for this change is my September 2017 invite as artist-in-residence at the Ureuk World Music House in Chungju, South Korea. I’ll also merge some of the important features from my old website onto this new, technologically evolved platform. Highlighted in this website will be the “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project.


In addition to the featured “Only Hearts” segment, other links will introduce you to my creative interests, which include inspirational art, music, auto design, aircraft design, videography, and also reflections on community projects undertaken in different parts of the world . . . some old and some current. It’ll be fascinating delving into the blog, and I’ll simply look forward to sharing with you old and new occurrences as they unfold.

On the right, enjoy my video YOU, a future-is-now creation with Bharati Ishaya as the storyteller.

Vision and Intention: To introduce, support, and inspire students to demonstrate the importance of their creativity as a voice towards peacemaking and conciliation; in themselves, their community, and internationally. The “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project offers a creative forum that is technology savvy so as to link-up students locally and across borders, and is also a hands-on classroom-facilitated experience directed by educators and parents as an incubator for presentations on the topic.

Artistic Mission: To grow an educator/student directed creative matrix wherein participants artistically create, enact, and share their message of peace, conciliation, and harmony using visual, performance, literary, and healing arts venues as an outgrowth of the  “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project template.

The Goal . . . of “Only Hearts” is to encourage students to express what a world of peace, safety, conciliation, and cross-cultural harmony means to them. To identify and articulate positive themes around which their ideas can be shared, and to discover fun-filled and empowering ways to creatively actualize their valued insights and ideas with peers in their neighborhood and beyond.

For you readers who have gotten this far, know that my effort on these new pages is to grow the vision of the “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project with old and new friends contributing to its blossoming. Any donations will be specific to the growth/support of this project – my service in action. The promotion and sales of my art, music, and design(s) are here to support my livelihood, a balancing of heart and reality.

Finally, I’d like to close with a reality check and a bit of humor for all of you “hi-tech wiz kids.” It has been jaw dropping having my dear friend David Grace guide me onto this web building technology platform, and it is greatly impressive. Perspective wise I’ll drop a hint that when I graduated high school majoring in photography a prerequisite was that I know how to make flash powder! Welcome aboard in these fast changing times . . . may our journey be mutually beneficial, enlightening, and fun-filled. Signing off . . . here’s a link to some of my projects: http://dwij.org/about_us/dwij_projects.htm


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