Dwijveena is the name given to a series of twenty-two and twenty-three string guitars that I build. My journey into this creative realm was sparked by a short time studying Sarod at the Ali Akbar College of Music in Forest Knolls, CA.  The Sarod, is a stringed fretless instrument, used mainly in Hindustani music on the Indian subcontinent. Its voice is beautifully enchanting and, as it is a large instrument, I build my creations, with similar stringing, on the smaller guitar body for ease in traveling. It’s voice is higher than the sarod and is pleasantly unique.

On this learning journey of mine it was great to be included in a TEDx musical experiment some years ago. Musicians from different disciplines, Ethan Alexander,  jazz piano; Jami Gee, rock guitarist; Julian Douglas, rhythm monk; Jerome Butler, classical bassist, and me, loving a funfilled jam at New College.

Whilst still a neophyte in this genre of music, I’m learning to play Dwijveena and also to custom fabricate these instruments for musicians who are attuned to classical Indian music, or for musicians wanting to explore the unique voice of my fretless (or fretted) twenty-two and twenty-three string creations.

Drop a note if you are considering a custom built, guitar based, instrument that will transport you to other beautiful realms of your artistry.


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