“Growing Hearts” occurs most easily by nurturing hearts; and nurtured hearts flourish in creativity, acceptance, empathy and wisdom.

A stated desire of our “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project renaissance is to reconnect with the students who gave their wisdom and artistry to the original project, as it continues to touch and inspire students today. “Growing Hearts” is about them, about their life journey these eighteen years later, about the picture they painted within their heart template and how that vision resonates with there vision of the world today; be they single or raising a family.

The newborn, below, whose first-life-photo has been the lead-in to the “Only Hearts Art/Peace Project page since 2001, has blossomed into a gifted, insightful, and talented young woman who is soon off to college. Now spanning seventeen years, “Growing Hearts” is the reality of us all coming together in a mutually beneficial way, one that is a beacon of light for our community . . . as it will be for yours.

Where Are They Now????

If you know any of the students who participated in our “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project many years ago we’d love to connect with them, to get to know them and to understanding how they vision the world as it is in this moment.  Many of the studntsnames appear at the end of the video on the right which is titled . . . Only Hearts – Reflections on a Vision.

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