Lesson Plan

“Only Hearts” Project Lesson Plan

Objectives: To introduce students to the concepts of peace, conciliation and constructive communication through the use of pictures and writings that express both tangible and intangible concepts. In designing and executing a pictorial image that embodies the concept of “peace,” the students will develop and exercise specific art skills, including:

  •     Visual Composition
  •     Pictograms and visual metaphors
  •     Contour lines and shading
  •     Color harmony
  •     Tonal values

In writing a short explanation of what peace means and how peace can be created, the students will develop and exercise specific writing skills including:

  •        Complete sentence structures
  •       Correct spelling and grammar
  •        Paraphrasing an idea
  •        Literary metaphors
  •        Analytical and intuitive modes of expression
  •        Critical and persuasive writing techniques

Participating students have benefited in many ways including:

  •        Enhanced self-esteem
  •        The experience of being a positive role model for others
  •        Growth in academic achievement
  •        An increase in creative and critical thinking skills
  •        Pride and empowerment at contributing to positive change in the world

Learning Assessment Tool:

A heart-shaped rendering illustrating the concept of “peace” with an accompanying written statement on the back of the picture describing one or more ways that peace can be facilitated by the student (interpersonally and/or globally).

Materials:   One heart template for each student, printed on 8.5×11″ paper and any of the following: crayons, tempera paints, pastels, colored pencils or collage materials. Printing the template on card stock tends to work best. Younger students may require lined paper on which to write about the concept of peace; the lined paper can then be affixed to the back of the artwork. The finished piece can be laminated for greater durability.

Presentation:   The artwork can be displayed and presented in any number of ways, including:

  •      An exhibition in the classroom or on the walls of the hallway outside the classroom.
  •      A group presentation during which the students take turns reading the writing on the back of his or her own artwork while holding the artwork up for the audience to see.
  •     The creation of a skit or play in which the theme of peacemaking is highlighted and the students drawings and words are incorporated.
  •     An exhibition of the students messages in their community such as at cultural centers, churches and spiritual centers, banks, government offices, businesses, and malls.
  •     Participation in the annual “Hearts Across the World” exhibition (Please send artwork to the “Only Hearts” Project Coordinator at: (address) and include return postage.)
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