Sponsors and Support

The two-day Sarasota 2K millennium celebration was coordinated by:

Allison Knapp • Arlene and Ron Morris • Cameron Icard • Iris • Janet Guttridge • Linda Maree • Rosemary and John Cannon • Wendy Foldes • Zan Benham • Cyndi Flanagan- Photography • Laszlo – Setup • Pete Wenner – Dir. Phillippi Estate Park • The Players Theater • Fogt’s Music • Florida Studio Theatre • and many parents, volunteers, and friends.

*The “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project, launched in Chungju, South Korea, has the support of:

Ureuk World Music House • Heart Seed  • 10,000 Hearts • RagazineMyPeace.TV

Honeycomb Moon • Fogt’s Music • The Vigil 4 Peace & EcologyCoastal Printing


* Our “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project  renaissance is in it start-up phase, we welcome your support and connection.

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