Dear Ms. Johnson,

Thank you for sharing your art project on peace . . . by copy of this transmission, we will be sharing this with our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support as a project we can all support.

Mrs. Hamamoto, Superintendent – Hawaii State Department of Education


Dear David,

We were exhilarated and very moved by the Hearts project on your web page. What a wonderful way to express what is important to most of us right now! As we work with kids here at the Discovery Museum it’s very much like hooking up to a source of new hope and energy.

Mr. Michael Judd, Executive Director – The Discovery Museums


I enjoyed your website and viewing your project. It would be great if Sarasota County School’s Art Dept. would take up the project – maybe for display on September 11th. As a technology teacher, I would like to pursue the project using a children’s drawing and painting program on the computer.

Tricia Varley
Emma E. Booker Elementary School


Dear David,

I felt I must let you know how my wonderful students responded to your “Only Hearts” concept.

Being Middle School students, I let them “run with it.” It was a project presented to my 2 choir classes of 7th and 8th graders as we prepared for a major Veteran’s Day assembly for the whole school. We were already planning to sing “God Bless the USA” and sign the choruses.

They took the template concept and expanded it. They had to come up with their own symbol of how they felt about 9/11. Choices included hearts, broken hearts, flags, torn flags, the twin towers, both intact and broken off, crosses, the planet, and more. Then, within that symbol, they were to use a few words to express verbally how they felt. Some made a list of feelings. Some used scripture or quotes or song lyrics. Some wrote poems. One of the two classes then chose to work in small groups with what they had written individually to come up with poems. Each class then shared with each other and, with the UTMOST respect (HURRAY!) chose the best representatives from their class.

Those examples were word processed and each group chose a reader. Individuals chosen in the other class read their own creation. Each of these choir student had completed a rough draft, and then produced a beautiful final product which was hung on the walls in the hall leading to the auditorium. Each person entering the auditorium was surrounded by this emotion-laden art work as they entered the assembly.

With input from both classes, an arrangement of the song (God Bless the USA) was planned in order to accommodate the readings. They had to consider length, audience attention, etc.

I had also prepared each of my other classes to sing and sign the song. I wish you could have been here for this wonderful finale! Over 200 students, many of whom had never felt personal success about anything in life, stood in front of their teachers and peers and presented them with the most incredible gift. This was beyond description in terms of the impact for both participants and audience.

So–that’s what we did. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. You are also having an impact here!

Thank you so much for being YOU!….Keep climbing!

With love and prayers for many continued blessings.

Jaci Dodd Cushman



Thank you for sharing your project. We will send the “Only Hearts” project to the teachers and educators in our database.

Alexander Badkin, MD
Director of Education and Training Programs
Harmony Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia


Dear Only Hearts Coordinator

I found your web site and absolutely love your project. I am involved with several schools and would like to link-up with folks in different communities abroad to present and share in “Only Hearts.” Please send any information I will need to be a participant.

Thanks so much – In peace –

Julia Thornburg, MSW, LCSW
PeaceWorks Program Coordinator
St. Louis, MO


Dear David, what an awesome idea!! I am the library/art teacher at our school . . . I think this will be a fantastic project schoolwide and I look forward to seeing the fun.

Thanks, Rachaelle


To: Only Hearts Director,

I am taking your hearts project to the Boys and Girls club here in Santa Barbara tomorrow. The kids will be thrilled. I am their art teacher this summer and what an inspiration your art hearts are. Thank you for this generous, peaceful offering.

All my love, Lise
Santa Barbara, CA


Hi David,

I do love this website and will use it in my art class, tell the other art teachers about it, and plan to do the project with the kids. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Julie Burch
Southside Elementary School
Sarasota, FL

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